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A sweet chestnut forest in the swiss alps(Ticino)

A sweet chestnut forest in the swiss alps(Ticino) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today I am a tree.

I stand silently
in the forest.
I reach deep into the earth
and it provides me nourishment.

I feel the gentle caress
of air on my body,
the thrill of a gust of wind
rushing through my hair.

Joyously, I raise my arms
and face to the sun.
I dance in ecstasy
in the summer storms.

There is Life.
There is Now.
I am nothing and everything.
I am all things.

I am a tree.

Double Dutch I

Double Dutch I (Photo credit: edenpictures)

I imagine an entity waiting, rocking back and forth, watching the swing of the ropes. They see a good opportunity, time it just right….and jump! Sometimes they don’t even make it past the first jump, other times they find the perfect rhythm and feel like they could go on forever.

But eventually everyone tires out and either misses a jump or just signals that they’re ready to stop. They step away and take some time to rest. Meanwhile the rope still turns, waiting for them to jump in again whenever they’re ready.

The Dance

My companions are trees, lions, and butterflies.

Tree - leaf canopy

Tree – leaf canopy (Photo credit: blmiers2)

I walk with sunshine, stars, and universes.

All of nature spins about me in a continuous joyful dance.

All is familiar, all is family.

Happy to be alive; happy to die.

Happy to be part of the All.


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