Anya Phenix

You Are Loved

When I post here, I always imagine that I’m talking to someone, though I don’t know who it is. I want you to know that you are loved – deeply, passionately, unconditionally loved by me. I send out my energy to connect with yours, wishing for you a life filled with peace and love and […]

You are Immensely Powerful and What You Do Matters

As we grow and change and open to more experiences, our understanding changes and shifts and expands. If we allow for the possibility that everything we can imagine could become real, we begin to realize our creative potential. If we focus on creating beautiful things – beautiful art, beautiful stories, beautiful memories, our lives will become more beautiful. We can be […]

A Shift in Perspective

If we seek to understand the perspective of the other person rather than seeking to be right, how would that change our experiences?  What if our immediate internal response to someone else’s statement was always, “I’m sure you’re right,” understanding that from their perspective and through their filters, they are exactly right in their assessment? What […]


I see the cycle of life. Like breathing, and waves, and wind, it moves in and out, back and forth. A constant flow that never stops moving. Change is always happening.


We don’t want change. It’s that simple. We don’t want our animals to change. We don’t want our ecosystems to change. We don’t want forests to die out and new forests to take their place. We can’t handle change. We’re afraid of change. We’ve made our lives unwelcoming to change. We’re grasping so tightly to […]


If we can open our minds to the possibility that everyone sees only a part of the Divine, the next step is realizing that everyone’s understanding is also perfect for that person at the present time. If we fully believe this, we can happily allow all religions and forms of spirituality to exist in harmony […]

Where are We Going?

There is no right path. There is no right destination. There are an infinite number of possible destinations, and even more paths to get there. (I know that’s not possible, but you know what I mean.) Each destination is equally valid, and each choice I make takes me in the direction of one or another. […]


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