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There is no right path. There is no right destination. There are an infinite number of possible destinations, and even more paths to get there. (I know that’s not possible, but you know what I mean.) Each destination is equally valid, and each choice I make takes me in the direction of one or another. If I have a specific destination in mind, I can make choices that appear to lead in that direction, but the destination itself is unimportant.

The most important part of the journey is always where I am NOW. What choices will I make today? It is the small, everyday decisions that mold my character and affect the kind of person I am and the things I will experience. Will I be kind and compassionate today? Will I be irritable and unpleasant? Will I want to be kind and compassionate, but be experiencing something that makes it terribly difficult to be anything but irritable and unpleasant? Will I love myself through all of the different experiences and emotions I have along my journey? Will I love others in the same manner, allowing them to be who they are and celebrating our differences?

There is no right or wrong choice, or journey, or destination. There is no right or wrong life. Every life, every path, has value. Each experience adds a level of understanding to the Universal experience. Everything always is as it should be. Nothing can ever be wrong because there is no Divine Plan. There is only living and experiencing. It is as it is because of the combined choices and experiences made and had by every living thing that has ever existed. Every butterfly flapping its wings, every bear hunting salmon, every person eating a banana or washing their car affects everything else.

This is how we co-create our reality. This is why if we make more compassionate choices the earth will become a more loving, peaceful place. So then we can ask ourselves what kind of world we want to live in and make choices that will lead us to that place.


It was only after I experienced suffering that I began to have compassion. I now see all the suffering in my past as beautiful, golden moments of extraordinary grace and love, allowing my heart to open and the Universe to come rushing in.

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What does your heart say?

In the course of leaving my family’s belief system and forging out on my own to find my truth, I’ve realized that for the most part a person can believe whatever they choose to believe. You can find arguments and proof to back almost any belief. So then the questions become, “What do I want to believe?” and “What do I know is true?” or “What is the best thing for me to believe?”

To answer this, I must look deep inside myself and feel the truth that I can be sure of. I’m now convinced that the only way to find my truth is to be silent, to hear my own heart.

And what does my heart say? It tells me to focus on love and peace, kindness and compassion. If I do this, I will find my way to truth.

A Call to Love

We are all hurting, broken people doing our best. Some of us are less broken than others, so we are able to overcome the pain, and soar to heights barely imaginable. Others of us are so broken and twisted by life’s sufferings that we are barely recognizable as human beings.

But all of us are doing the best we can to survive this life.

I’ve been ill for nearly a week and a half. Tonight I was in meditation, visualizing and feeling a deep love for all the cells that make up my body, thanking them for the work that they do in service to the whole that is Me. As I passed through the cells in my skin, that feeling of love began to extend outward from myself to envelop the entirety of the human race – past, present, and future. I was seeing faces passing before me, when suddenly they stopped, and I saw only one face clearly with all the others in the distance.

It was Adolf Hitler.

Immediately I heard a voice asking, “Can you love him too?” I waited for a moment, then felt a compassion flowing through me to him, which I can only describe as the love a mother feels for her child when she sees him broken. As I felt this, the faces began moving again and I saw the most cruel people in history passing by, taking in the flow of unconditional love that was extended to them.

I loved them all. My heart broke for them, for their unbearable pain and suffering that caused them to inflict such suffering on others.

Then I wondered what would happen if we all were able to feel that unconditional love toward everyone, all the time.

I feel like when the majority of us finally understand that we ALL are doing the best we can in this life, we will extend each other compassion. We will stop being adversarial, and we will become partners on our journey – a journey toward peace.

May it be soon.

Namaste and Blessings,



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